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APEX Recruitment, based in Edmonton Alberta, provides excellent employment recruitment solutions in Canada, delivering the highest level of talent employers need to succeed in today’s globally competitive markets. We are an industry leader of career development and employment recruiting services.

For over twenty years we have supplied superior corporate employment recruitment services for a variety of Canadian labour sectors, and have represented the nation’s top-tier candidates seeking positions within leading professions.

thumbs upOur advanced knowledge of industry changes and trends affecting employee qualifications and employers’ standards, combined with the necessary resources to link top employees to top employers, sets us apart from all other Canadian employment agencies.

APEX Recruitment delivers individualized and tailored employment recruitment services for Canada’s leading employers. We carefully listen to identify and understand the need, then tailor our proven abilities and services to find precisely what our clients are looking for.

Our personalized service efficiently matches your employment requirements with our expansive industry knowledge and recruitment resource database, to achieve top quality results.

Our excellent reputation is the result of uncompromising integrity, proven commitment to your success, and the unrelenting drive to produce high quality results. Apex Recruitment’s goal is to not only meet, but to exceed industry needs, and we have the resources and expertise to consistently acquire and deliver qualified star candidates to excellent employers.

Apex Recruitment is industry’s first choice for career development and
employment recruiting services in Canada. Give us a call, and we’ll do it all!

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